** Your Attitude Determines Your Outcome! **

When I eat out with my daughter, we always get the best service and experience… Wherever I go…things always seem to fall into place…

Until I started spending more time around a negative influence…

Then my positive attitude was fighting with someone’s negative attitude… You can not blend a POSITIVE with a NEGATIVE (watch video)


Learn to write the story in your mind of how you want your day to unfold…

Learn to write the story in your mind of what you want to experience…

Whatever your attitude is, will determine your outcome.

If you’re expecting bad service at a restaurant, you’re going to pull in that experience…

If you’re expecting to be stuck in traffic … you will pull in that experience…

If you’re expecting to NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME… you will be right… over and over again… So…. What do you want to create?

Karie Lynn Millspaugh Public Figure

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Karie Millspaugh

Karie Millspaugh is Publicity Expert and Speaker Agent for Public Figures.

She assists her clients to be seen online and on the stage with her digital media and speaking agency.

Karie is also a public speaker, best-selling author, and
designates most of her time empowering her audience in
entrepreneurship, leadership, and business.

She has started up multiple businesses herself and enjoys
helping others all over the globe with their own business
idea as they go deep into discovering their purpose, then
turning that purpose into profits with their own virtual
Laptop Lifestyle Business.

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