3 Myths about Public Speaking

3 Myths about Public Speaking: 1) That you need to have spoken at over a 100 events and take multiple training courses before you can charge your worth as a keynote speaker 2) That you don’t really need solid marketing … Read More

Leap and the Net will Appear

***LEAP and the NET WILL APPEAR*** Nothing exciting happens from peering over the edge of the cliff, watching everyone else leap towards their dreams. How much faith do you have that all will work out for your highest good? I … Read More

I can predict the future and so can you

Am I a psychic? Can YOU predict the future also? I bet you can… In fact… you are creating your reality right now with your very own thoughts… Listen to these 2 silly stories of mine where I predicted the … Read More

Are you a Manifestor or a Deflector?

Are you a Manifestor or Deflector? How do you react when you see someone celebrating their happy news? Do you feel empowered? Do you see what is possible for you? Do you see it as proof that you can have … Read More

When the Universe sends you mixed messages

How to react when “ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE” Is the Universe telling you to NOT go in that direction or is it testing you??? Have you ever chosen a REALLY Big Goal… I mean LIFE CHANGING… The type where you … Read More

The difference between being Liked and Respected

Being liked doesn’t pay the bills Difference between being Liked and Being RESPECTED Being Liked is something you try to achieve by being NICE… reasonable, easy going, putting your own needs last… a people pleaser… Nice is an acronym for: … Read More

Intention always trumps Mechanism

How I accidentally (on purpose) got great seats at the Def Leppard Concert Intention always trumps Mechanism (no… not President Trump) I’ve screwed up so many things in my life…but my intentions were always crystal clear… I may not have … Read More

You can’t lead if you’re trying to fit in

My nic-name in High School was Barbie You can’t be a SOLID Leader if you’re focusing on trying to “Fit In” Leaders aren’t focused on being liked… they care more about being respected. Its not about people LIKING you… its … Read More

What does “being in flow” mean?

What the heck is FLOW? Visualize this… You’re ice skating and skating… then gliding on the ice Paddling and paddling…waiting for the perfect wave, then surfing (riding that wave) Rowing your boat or kayak with consistent rowing…then choosing to let … Read More

Are you having a hard time making a decision?

Having a hard time making a decision? Is this a pattern for you? In this video I describe how to come to a quick yes/no decision faster so that you can reach your business and life goals. Step 1: Know … Read More

Opportunity never goes away, it goes to someone else

Opportunity Never Goes Away… It goes to someone else… When I first heard that I didn’t believe it… until I started to see the evidence in my own life. Opportunity Goes to: Someone that has done the work and knows … Read More

How important is it that your family supports you?

We usually want our inner circle or families advice and support before we make a big life decision.   I’m here to tell you that you don’t NEED that support to be successful, in fact it could actually hold you … Read More