Your Attitude Determines your Outcome!

** Your Attitude Determines Your Outcome! ** When I eat out with my daughter, we always get the best service and experience… Wherever I go…things always seem to fall into place… Until I started spending more time around a negative … Read More

Give Yourself Permission Already!

Give yourself Permission to do something FUN – OUTRAGEOUS and CRAZY!!! Something WAY outside of your comfort zone… Life is meant to be LIVED! My Upcoming books for 2018 and beyond… Permission to be HAPPY Permission to be SEXY Permission … Read More

AM I too Intimidating?

***I’M AFRAID THAT I’M TOO INTIMIDATING*** A fear that I’ve been working with since the age of 15… I still feel like my personality is too BIG for most to handle… 🌸From the clients I serve 🌸To the Guys I … Read More

Are you horrible at making decisions?

HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR CHEESEBURGER? Are you horrible at making decisions? Do you waffle back and forth about what you want to order off of a menu? Do you go back and change your mind often? IF this is … Read More

Are you Capping out your Happiness

Are you Capping our your Happiness? We tell ourselves the we can’t be “too happy” We tell ourselves that this happiness “won’t last” We tell ourselves that someone is going to come along and steal our happiness… These are all … Read More

Sales 101: Stop asking for my hand in marriage on the first date

Sales 101: STOP ASKING FOR MY HAND IN MARRIAGE ON THE FIRST DATE!  Sales and Dating…. and how they are EXACTLY the same! I have “courted” some of my clients for 6 months before they’ve committed to a long term … Read More

3 Ways that we Sabotage Success from coming into our lives

3 Ways that we Sabotage Success from coming into our lives… 1) Your Thoughts 2) Your Actions (and lack thereof) 3) Your Feelings (allowing limiting beliefs to cloud your vision) Energy is Everything and you will push away the very … Read More

3 Myths about Public Speaking

3 Myths about Public Speaking: 1) That you need to have spoken at over a 100 events and take multiple training courses before you can charge your worth as a keynote speaker 2) That you don’t really need solid marketing … Read More

Leap and the Net will Appear

***LEAP and the NET WILL APPEAR*** Nothing exciting happens from peering over the edge of the cliff, watching everyone else leap towards their dreams. How much faith do you have that all will work out for your highest good? I … Read More

I can predict the future and so can you

Am I a psychic? Can YOU predict the future also? I bet you can… In fact… you are creating your reality right now with your very own thoughts… Listen to these 2 silly stories of mine where I predicted the … Read More

Are you a Manifestor or a Deflector?

Are you a Manifestor or Deflector? How do you react when you see someone celebrating their happy news? Do you feel empowered? Do you see what is possible for you? Do you see it as proof that you can have … Read More

When the Universe sends you mixed messages

How to react when “ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE” Is the Universe telling you to NOT go in that direction or is it testing you??? Have you ever chosen a REALLY Big Goal… I mean LIFE CHANGING… The type where you … Read More