How to Stand Up and Stand Out as a Public Speaker.

I’m a Baptist pastors kid.  Even though my father stopped pastoring a church when I was only 13, I still wear that label proudly.

Something happened in those tender growing up years.

I saw leadership displayed.

I saw respect shine in the eyes of the congregation as they looked to my father for guidance.  I also felt my own heart swell with pride as I watched my father be vulnerable, uplifting and stirring souls with his message.

I feel that seeing dad “on stage” helped me to be very comfortable with the stage as well.  I grew up singing in church, took 3 years of theater in school and performed in more plays than I can count.

Fast forward a few years, ok a lot of years, and I’m finding myself working as a publicist to a globally known business coach and entrepreneur.  As I managed his 52 city tour and book sales, I was reintroduced to the world of speaking with new eyes.

I saw how speaking, once again was changing lives for the better.  How your message could create a ripple effect that would enhance the world to make it a better place through my favorite motivational formula of Inspiration + Education = Motivation.

That was over 8 years ago as I type this and am currently speaking myself, along with being a publicity expert for my clients with our own digital media and speaking agency.

As a speaker agent, I get approached daily by those that want an agency to represent them.  I also see a lot of work that needs to be done before we can even evaluate their story and brand.

This article is to give you some outside perspective so that you can stand out and be seen as a public figure and leader.

I truly believe that if you have a story and a passion in your heart, then you should be on that stage, no one should stand in your way.  I also know that if you’re not branded properly, you may never get that opportunity to speak on the stages that you desire, much less get paid the income you know you are worthy of.

Here are my first 5 suggestions that I encourage my public speakers to nail down before we start to promote their brand to well-known global conferences.  Many of them take me on as their branding consultant, you can learn about that HERE.

Sidenote: Before we get started on these powerful tips, please note that if you have any resistance around branding yourself online, then maybe you’re not cut out to be a true leader and seen on stages all over the world.

Suggestion 1) Have a website.

This is your virtual store front, it shows the world wide web that you exist.  You’re not a “fly by night” personality that just decided to start speaking yesterday.

Visibility and credibility is a HUGE MUST in this world and you will hear me repeat that often if you choose to work with my agency.

Suggestion 2) Be seen as an expert in a representable field.

This is very helpful if you’ve created a program, written a book or you are that “go to” person that has mastered a topic that is intriguing for others to see, view and learn about.

You could be the person that invented the 4-hour work week and you have a book about it like Tim Ferriss.  That’s interesting to say the least and out of the normal usual message that we hear that you have to put in a gazillion hours if you want to be an entrepreneur.

So what makes you an expert?

Have you always wanted to write a book and become a best seller?  Books really do open doors for our speakers. We can help you with that fun project by clicking HERE.

Suggestion 3) Have Social Media platforms.  More than one is best but don’t just have a platform without any consistent posts or articles.  Nothing looks worse than landing on an Instagram profile with only 4 pictures posted on it.  Be fun, show off your life and be relatable.

The most important platform to use, is Linked In. If you choose to connect with corporate events, then you need to have a strong Linked In profile.  This is where they play.  This is where they check you out to see if your message matches your branding. This is where you look reputable as a leader in your field.  This is worth the time it takes to build, trust me.

I’ve lost a few speaking engagements because a client had not updated their Linked In Profile in years.  So if you’re not sure which social media platforms are for you and you only had to choose one, let it be Linked In.  I would suggest Facebook to be a close second.

Suggestion 4) Consistent messaging.  If a representative like myself states that you’re a speaker that specializes in single motherhood and we have your *press kit branded in those regards but we cannot find one statement anywhere from your website, to your social media platforms then we look like we don’t have our act together, to put it nicely.

Inconsistent messaging leaves an odd feeling to those looking at your brand from the outside in.  We want you to be credible and consistent.

That eliminates any oddness that you may be a fraud or someone that doesn’t appear to be solid on their true message as a speaker.

Another example, if your main topics talk about real estate and investments but your branding says that you’re a health coach for Isagenix, we may be a little confused as to what you do.

Suggestion 5) Video, Video, Video and more Video.  You MUST have your own YouTube channel.  It’s always helpful if we jump on YouTube and search your name and find that multiple channels show you in action, but its even more reputable if you have your own channel.

Naturally this should be a very simple – no brainer suggestion but you would be surprised.  I speak to so many dynamic speakers that don’t have a solid *highlight reel of themselves.

If you were a corporation looking to hire you, wouldn’t you want to see your speaking style?

Now this reel doesn’t have to be the latest “Jason Bourne movie trailer” type, even though we have created those in our agency, but it does need to share your story and show clips of you on stage speaking.

Now that you have some powerful suggestions to get started with, please do not feel overwhelmed.  I know how it feels to think that you’ll never get on those stages and I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t happen overnight.

*With an agency like mine, we can market and brand you quickly to get your signature talks formatted fast with our “done for you” marketing packages. See packages HERE

I consult all of my speakers, even the ones that have been on 500 stages world-wide.  They may be great at speaking but they still need some expert advice with their online brand.

If that sounds interesting to you, please schedule a FREE consult here with myself or team.

Let’s get you SEEN online and on the Stage!

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Karie Millspaugh

Karie Millspaugh is Publicity Expert and Speaker Agent for Public Figures.

She assists her clients to be seen online and on the stage with her digital media and speaking agency.

Karie is also a public speaker, best-selling author, and
designates most of her time empowering her audience in
entrepreneurship, leadership, and business.

She has started up multiple businesses herself and enjoys
helping others all over the globe with their own business
idea as they go deep into discovering their purpose, then
turning that purpose into profits with their own virtual
Laptop Lifestyle Business.

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