Are you horrible at making decisions?


Are you horrible at making decisions?

Do you waffle back and forth about what you want to order off of a menu?

Do you go back and change your mind often?

IF this is you…

Then no wonder the Universe is confused with your orders that you’re placing when it comes to your life and business!


One day – I want to get married again
Next day – I love being single… I think this is best for me..

One day – I want to build my own business
Next day – I love my job… I think I will retire from this company.

One day – I think I should move out of this town
Next day – It’s so pretty here, we should live here until the kids graduate from high school.


Mixed Messages or what?

This can be your wake up call (video) 

Once you’re crystal clear and focused, you will manifest at a MUCH FASTER rate


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