AM I too Intimidating?


A fear that I’ve been working with since the age of 15…

I still feel like my personality is too BIG for most to handle…

🌸From the clients I serve
🌸To the Guys I date
🌸To the girlfriends that I choose to hang out with…

I feel myself going inward instead of outward for fear that I’m going to shine too brightly in your face…

👗From the shoes that I wear
👗To the marketing I create
👗To the goals I choose to hit

I even catch myself changing outfits from something fun and flashy… to something frumpy for fear that I’ll make the person I’m meeting up with feel bad…

How am I serving others if I’m dimming my light all the time? 🤔

How am I stepping up my leadership if I’m always afraid I’m outshining my own clients?

When did I start to think that the world couldn’t handle ALL OF ME?

I hope you can relate….

Where are you holding back?

God didn’t bring you to this planet with any miscellaneous parts.. He expects you to use them ALL…


⭐️GO be SHINY!

⭐️GO be LOUD!

Much love and light!
Karie Lynn Millspaugh

#PermissionToBeME (Link to book HERE)


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