My heart forever breaks when I see a woman compromise what SHE wants over and over again in her life.

We are mothers, we are sisters, we are daughters and we somehow adapt into this "need to please" and slowly lose a part of ourselves. 

In 2007 I snapped! 

One fall day I woke up. I woke up from the slumber of going through the motions. I chose to walk away from everything and everyone that I knew and loved to find myself.  

At that time I was a stay at home mother, married for 12 years to my high school sweetheart. My daughter was only 3 and I had started to unravel.

The parts of me that had been ignored for so long were begging to be let out… The pieces of me that I had allowed to be shut out were screaming to be exposed.

It happened when I discovered an 8th grade school project of all of my goals and dreams for myself. 

 I had already felt the unhappiness deep within my soul but seeing that version of myself that got put in a box and shoved away was the last straw for me.

Where did that Karie go? 

The one with the big dreams of a fulfilling career and a fascinating life?

When did I settle for mediocre and a loveless marriage?

When did I stop being my true self?

We all lose ourselves a little in a marriage and parenthood as we compromise quite a bit, but at what cost? 

To the point where you can’t even remember what your favorite color is or you can’t even find a decent photo of yourself?

You’ve poured all of yourself into that dreaded need to please phase of your life and somehow your needs got left behind. I did all of that and more!

I married the man I thought that my dad would like, I went to the church I thought my parents would approve of… I even wore conservative clothing to try to fit in.

I could feel my inner being screaming inside to be released.

So I let her out…

 And it was like a rebirth in many ways.

I had to be reintroduced to myself as if I had never met the true me before.

I had finally given myself Permission To BE Me and it felt like being born again!

I realized that I was funny, silly, bright, intelligent, sexy, magnetic and full of sunshine!

 It wasn’t an overnight process as this stuff takes time, especially if you’ve got YEARS to make up for like I had.

So I left my marriage, the Midwest, my family, 4 properties and 10 acres of my dream land in my hometown to a city 2000 miles away known as “sin city”.  

I started completely over.

A brand new chapter of my life and a brand new identity. 

  I wasn’t a different person even though many were astonished with the new me, I was just the Karie that was hidden all those years.

I lost quite a few friends along the way that couldn’t handle me being in my own personal power but I gained so many yummy new friends that feel like family!

Life never takes away something without giving you an upgrade. I got a new life. I got a second chance and I’ve never looked back.

I went from “Hot Mess” to Hot Lady Boss!

  I transformed from shy and insecure to a woman that speaks her truth on stages.

From cautious to COURAGEOUS!

You see my dear sister goddess, I wouldn’t be the person you see today if I didn’t choose ME!

If I had stayed in that bubble of pleasing everyone around me and sacrificing everything I ever wanted to experience in this life, I wouldn't BE...

A Public Figure for Women Empowerment

A Public Speaker, Coach, TV Host, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

I highly recommend my dear sister, to not let your life go that far before you snap as well... 

You see, we are wired to be SOMEONE when we come to this planet. 

We came with skills, gifts and talents. 

Unfortunately we didn't come with an instruction manual. 

So the next best thing we can do is to invest in our self development and take the time to dive into who we truly are and who we came to BECOME!

Let’s rediscover who you are and then give you PERMISSION TO BE YOU!!!

Come take a walk with me... I want to teach you a few things...

What to expect in this 6 week self study course besides the freedom to do it on your "own terms"

  • What is my Personality?: You will take your own personality assessment and have a special training to understand how you are wired and those around you. This will create a BIG Ah-Ha moment in your self-development journey... 
  • Beliefs and Emotional Healing: Whose rules have you been following?  A deep dive into how that has dictated your path so far on your journey.
  • Leadership: How can you use your voice and step into a leadership role by embracing your new Goddess Self!
  • Permission to DREAM BIG!: When did you start settling and how to STOP!
  • Courage on Steroids: Let go of Fear and grab onto this life with all of your heart and soul!
  • Self Love Techniques:  How to create more energy to the parts of your life and body that you LOVE!  Insight on how to let go of shame and self-doubt.
  • Option to UPGRADE: to VIP Status and schedule 2 private 1:1 intuitive healing sessions with me! Outside perspective is everything, and I can spot things that you may have missed about yourself... let's explore them together!

What would more confidence in your life look like?

  • More money!  The confidence to put yourself out there, close more clients, ask for the raise or promotion.  Quit the job that no longer inspires you and open up your own business!
  • Better sex life! The confidence to ask for what you really want in bed and date only the men that make you feel yummy inside!
  • To be more bold in your business!  Ask for the sale, put yourself out there in a REALLY big way and live life the way it was meant to be lived... Free and UNLEASHED!
  • To try new things, experiences and adventures!  Have you always wanted to travel more or try some dare devil stunt but your lack of confidence and courage were telling you not to live so big and sparkly!???  Go get some girl!  You only live once in this human experience so go make it count!!

Karie Millspaugh

International Business and Lifestyle Coach for Public Figures, President and CEO of Abundant Living by KLM.   

Karie is also a best selling author, public speaker and designates most of her time empowering men and women in life, parenthood, relationships and business.   

Many refer to her as the #LapTopLifestyle Mentor as she empowers her clients to work from virtually anywhere in the world! 

She has started up multiple businesses herself and enjoys helping others all over the globe with their own start up as they go deep into discovering their purpose, then turning that purpose into profits with their own virtual business.   

She is a single mother to one amazing and brilliant daughter. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to her brilliantly designed freedom business you will find her often in nature somewhere living out her purpose virtually.   

You can learn more at 

A few Reviews from my Permission To BE Me Book- 

You can purchase on Amazon HERE

June 28, 2016

Format: Paperback

I read this positively charged guide in an evening--quick and to the point! The authors' style is like a good girlfriend offering you solid advice and support by sharing her experiences at challenging times through her life so far..but the twist is she also provides guidance and real-world methods to tear away layers of built up negative behaviors. She explains how those behaviors become deep-rooted and influence our lives even into adulthood and she gives you a means to rid yourself of them and replace them with healthy, positive energy, vibrations and actions. With the direction mainstream media has taken in hyper-sexualizing and objectifying women to such a high degree, more than ever women can use a loving, supportive nudge to navigate how to express the fine but powerful line between warrior woman and feminine energy. Get this one on your nightstand, Goddesses! Looking forward to reading more from this author!


This is a quick and fun read, however it is a game changer. Though it reads like a long conversation with a girlfriend, the anecdotal stories and advice contained within help to relate to your own experiences. The exercises and tools found in this book assist you in identifying old emotional programming and deep rooted negative thinking that informs patterns of behaviors. From there you will learn how to release and let go of those limiting, low vibration thoughts and feelings and replace them with radical self-love. It is my new go to for when I need a nudge to stand in my truth and own my power as a woman. There is also extra content available to help solidify the concepts and put them into daily practice. Best of all the author keeps it real. No sugar coated BS, but rather tried and tested strategies to help you be the best version of yourself!

on September 9, 2016
This book is everything it aims to be; life altering, healing, and encouraging. In Permission to Be Me, the author becomes the cheerleader you didn't know how baldy you needed until she started cheering for you. She manages to entertain with her own stories and experiences, educate with the insights she's learned, and then ring it all home by beckoning the Reader to explore their own areas that need to be strengthened and Healed. She does this all with the tenderness of a Nurturer, but the toughness of a coach saying 'I know it's hard but it's the only way to get better.' Five stars and a major salute for a gift that has found its way permanently into the world.
on July 1, 2016
Whatever you have been through in your life, this book 'Permission to Be Me' will take you by the hand and change the beliefs that have had you stuck, sad, miserable or frustrated and finally stop the pain. Not only stop the pain, but empower you as a woman, and change your life. Karie Millspaugh has done this for so many and she has offered her own life experience as a beautiful example of shining your goddess light within. No longer play small, you deserve the very best in life and this book will help guide you there.

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