What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s products or services for a commission. Many online entrepreneurs promote other peoples products or services because being an affiliate can be an extremely lucrative source of income. Some people don’t even have any of their own products or services, they just promote on the behalf of others.

Benefits of being an Affiliate:

  • Commissions Up To 50% on Every Sale
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Fast + Reliable Monthly Payments plus Accurate Sales Tracking

Details of payout:

  • 50% commission on all low ticket items $9.99-$297 (one time fee and month to month fees included)
  • 10% flat payout on ticket items ranging from $497-$10,000+ (included on month to month payments and one time only payments)

*When Abundant Living by KLM/ Karie LLC Receives Payment, then the affiliate will collect payment within 30 days.

Sign Up to be an Affiliate Using the Form Below:

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**Depending on the product/service that you’re marketing we may need to send you an affiliate link for tracking purposes.  My assistant will assign you your own login/affiliate link.  Please let us know in the comments of the Affiliate Application if you wish to have this option.  We will provide copy/content and promotional graphics for all advertising and email blasts.

Who Can Become an Affiliate
Anyone can become an affiliate of Abundant Living by KLM, as long as they only use ethical marketing methods to promote our programs.

How Do Our Affiliates Get Paid?
Commissions are paid out monthly via PayPal or other digital resources. Commissions are paid within 30 days after the close of the month in which the referred customer purchased through your affiliate link.  Service or Product must be paid in full by customer/client.

Referring a potential client for Karie Millspaugh’s coaching programs or private VIP client services:

Send potential client to this FORM TO FILL OUT.  or copy and paste this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=cOPelXJa3Xe6mlixvgFmBQ%3d%3d

*Be sure that they mark the referral tab and enter your name as the source.

A Few More Things
HeartCore Business will not be held responsible if you refer your affiliate link to people with computer systems that do not allow the cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit, or if they already have another affiliate’s cookies on their system.

If the product you receive a commission on is returned, we’ll deduct the paid commission from your affiliate payment.

Affiliates need to be current on all payments to Abundant Living by KLM on all products, programs, and services in order to be eligible to receive affiliate commission.

Commissions can not be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link.

Have a Question or Want To Be an Affiliate?
If you have questions, please contact Karie at Karie@kariemillspaugh.com

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