The Health Coach Success Summit

The Six Figure Health Coach Success Summit ~ 2014

As a Business Coach for MANY different types of coaches, public figures and authors.  I share how to create that business the smartest, fastest and most profitable way.

Featuring Karie Millspaugh


Karie MillspaughKarie Millspaugh, Business and Lifestyle Coach – Karie coaches women entrepreneurs to design a business around their lifestyle. She is a co-author to the book series, Contagious Optimism. She has a degree in Holistic Nutrition and has started up 4 Businesses successfully. Karie has coached in Wellness, Business and Relationship building since 2005. Her genuine compassion for others in addition with her intuitive healing mindset creates a unique coaching combination. As a daughter of a pastor, growing up in the Midwest of the USA, she sees herself following in her father’s footsteps as they both have a heartfelt mission to help guide others to an abundant life.


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