17 tips to keep you shining front and center

on the stage of life


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Insights into Pain Points:

  1. Married at high school sweetheart
  2. Midwest “Suburb” family with baby
  3. Lost herself along the way
  4. Asked for divorce without a “plan”
  5. Dependent on husband – financially
  6. Pastor’s kid
  7. Played smaller because of an insecure husband.
  8. Started a business and failed
  9. Filed bankruptcy, evicted from apartment, food stamp

Personal Life Lessons:

  1. Perfectionist identity – conforming to societal norms
  2. Shift mindset towards positive
  3. Remind yourself of your own strengths
  4. Find your quiet place
  5. Watch how you talk to yourself
  6. Master self  love

Toolsets to help bridge the gap:

  1. Get out of comfort zone
  2. For 18 months, dared yourself to do extraordinary things to get past fears
  3. No plan B
  4. Create bridge of confidence with mentors and coaches
  5. Above the line and below the line mindset
  6. Above:  Ownership, accountability, and responsibility
  7. Below:  Blame, excuses, and denial
  8. Journaling
  9. Intention
  10. Manifestation
  11. Laughter
  12. Find your passion and purpose first
  13. Focus on skills, strengths, personality
  14. Turn that purpose into profit (through alignment with self)
  15. Stay in flow
  16. Developed the Employee to Entrepreneurship program to help employees to transition in becoming an entrepreneurship.
  17. Book entitled I Overcome.


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